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Collider used as a trigger


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I'd like to create a polygon collider that would define an "ice patch" and looking through the docs for p2.Body I can't seem to locate a property that would set a collider/body to be a "trigger" that would just give off enter/exit callbacks.


Is there a way to do this with the p2 physics engine?


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ah!  yes, sensor would have helped!


I read through that post, and wanted to confirm that this is what will work:

sprite.body.data.shapes[0].sensor = true;

So in my current code base, this should work?


this.player.body.clearShapes();this.player.body.loadPolygon('carData', 'car');this.player.body.data.shapes[0].sensor = true;

Thanks for your help!

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No that's the only thing that will not work.

A polygon is a composition of many many convex shapes. You have to iterate over all of them (in data.shapes) and set shape for shape as a sensor.


Oooor you could try a feature that I added to Phaser some weeks ago. It's merged and available. You have to use another physics json format.  Phaser Exporter for PhysicsEditor. It's located in the folder resources/PhysicsEditor Exporter. With this exporter you can set collision masks, collision categories, the sensor property and also give shapes an ID to retrieve them later by a name from the fixture list.


There is no documentation or examples for these extended physics features available yet. That's my duty, I'm really searching for a calm day to do it. Try to get the custom exporter running (general infos: http://www.codeandweb.com/blog/2012/05/30/customize_physicseditor_exporter).


You could then do it manually:

fixtures = body.addPhaserPolygon('physics','polygonName')fixtureList = new Phaser.Physics.P2.FixtureList(fixtures)fixtureList.setSensor(true) 

or just use the sensor property in PhysicsEditor- it will create all shapes with sensor set to true  :) Here an example from my current project. I define everything in PhysicsEditor. Collision & category bits, sensor flags. The view is zoomed as I can't show you asset details from that client project.




Here the pull requests for some more details


The PR for Phaser.Physics.P2.FixtureList



The PR for Phaser Physics Exporter:





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Hey George, I've downloaded the 2 files for use as the exporter for PhysicsEditor and restarted the app several times and I still don't see it in the drop down list.  I've followed the instructions on their site ( http://www.codeandweb.com/blog/2012/05/30/customize_physicseditor_exporter ) and verified that they are named properly etc and it does not show up as an option.  

is there anything else I'm missing?



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I guess you pointed directly into the folder with the two files exporter.xml & phaser.json ? That's wrong. You have to target the parent folder which contains the phaser exporter folder. But please don't target phaser/resources, you will get a lot of errors as PhysicsEditor tries to parse everything in there. Do it like I do it:

Create somewhere a folder 'physics-exporters' and copy the folder 'PhysicsEditor Exporter' from phaser/resource in there. Rename it to 'phaser'. 





Now point to the folder ./physics-exporters 


Regards George

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And just to come full circle for others, this was the final code for getting my sensor poly called "ice":


var fixtures = map.body.addPhaserPolygon("physicsData", "level");var fixtureList = new Phaser.Physics.P2.FixtureList(fixtures);this.ice = fixtureList.getFixtureByKey("ice");
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