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HTML5 Game Engineers @ Weeby.co aka Game Closure


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Hi all!


First time poster here, and I'm happy to join the community!


I've been heads down working on HTML5 games at Game Closure for the past 3 years. It's been an amazing start-up experience, and it's getting more exciting every day. We are positioned quite well in the mobile games market to grow our games team, and I came here to look for top-tier HTML5 Game Engineers. We're a small team (of ~20) super talented engineers and artists - you may know us from our open source devkit. We recently rebranded as Weeby.co to better represent our primary objective: to build games technology that democratizes game distribution across all mobile platforms, including over-the-top messenger services. By targeting distribution channels, we hope to give indie-devs and small companies a better chance at being discovered on the market without having to dump life savings into user-acquisition. To prove out our incredible weeby-js platform, we have to build the best games possible on top of it. That's where you come in!


We're looking for engineers who can achieve high quality aesthetics while writing high-performance game logic. Our tech has always been mobile focused, so we develop browser, native Android, and native iOS stacks to turbocharge our games' performance, giving us all the more power to build beautiful and polished games on any device you can imagine, competing with AAA titles.


If you've got JS skills and a keen eye for polish, then we'd like to talk to you! Check out our jobs site, or contact me directly: [email protected]


PS: We're based in Mountain View, CA, right in the heart of Silicon Valley and just 45 minutes south of San Francisco!

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It's great to see the project is not dead after all - I had a lot of fun playing with devkit and the docummentation was very good. The problem is that devkit is in much need of attention. Most of the examples aren't working, when they are working, they're only working in the default iphone 3 simulator and as soon as you switch to web or another device it starts throwing out errors.

IRC support was pretty much useless for me - if I got 1 answer in 24 hours I was happy.

The gameclosure.com site seems dumped and forgotten with the latest news entry from 2012 and the latest blog post eons ago. The github repo for devkit last updated more than 3 months ago.

All these, to me, meant the project was abandoned.

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The devkit is very important to us, and we use it for literally everything we do. We plan to update it as major features are completed, but because our business model revolves around the weeby-js product, we've all been focused on building that and unfortunately haven't had time to do things like fix old examples. As we grow, we'll probably have more time to clean things up a bit for our community. If you ever need any help using the devkit, the best way to reach us as well as other community members is by posting in our Google Group.

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