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About ad revenues and sponsors


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First of all...my name is Víctor, I'm from Mexico and this is my first post. I'm currently developing a remake of Sokoban.


Hi there.




The initial intention was to port it to Android OS as a Native App, then I realized that I could make it in HTML5 and packed it with CocoonJS, but I couldn't.


Then I said: Time to move on and just develop for HTML5 and makit compatible with Chrome as a browser game. In the and (to make it short), I managed to make it work for both iOS 7 and Chrome.


The main question is:


How should I monetize it?, I've been reading so much about this topic, some of you have talked about sponsors and ad revenues. I didn't understand how to sell it to sponsors (boostermedia), how the process works (if any of you have sold games to boostermedia)?. In other corner, how should I monetize it with ads?, I read "The Valhalla" entries about this, but just with LeadBolt it's fine?, what about Adsense from Google?



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AFAIK you can't use AdSense ads with HTML 5 games neither as a preloader nor as in-game ads but you can make a pre-game page that shows AdSense ads.


For in-game ads you can show LeadBolts for mobile users and CPMStar ads for desktop users.


The problem is that you have to get big traffic in order to make some good money.


In case of mobile version of the game (Android / iOS), I'd recommend AdMob ads.


It seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong fellows) is that selling non-exclusive license for HTML version and exclusive license for mobile version is the most profitable way to go.

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