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Some outOfBoundKill problem, group element access and FPS drop


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I'm some newbie programmer that need a little help in his starts.

Now i have three questions to ask you.


First. I've find an examples of sprite garbageCollector, but its work only in older versions (i test it on 1.1.5). How can i fix it?

Here is code:

var game = new Phaser.Game(800, 480, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update });var clouds;var cloud_dummy;function preload() {	game.load.image('mario_cloud', 'mario_cloud.png');}function create() {	clouds = game.add.group();	clouds.enableBody = true;	clouds.createMultiple( 10, 'mario_cloud');		timer_shit = game.time.events.loop(1500, add_cloud, this);}function update() {}function add_cloud() {	cloud_dummy = clouds.getFirstDead();	cloud_dummy.reset(800, 100);	cloud_dummy.body.velocity.x -= 150;	cloud_dummy.body.immovable = true;	cloud_dummy.outOfBoundsKill = true;}

Error message:

Phaser v2.0.3 - WebGL - WebAudio http://phaser.io ♥♥♥ phaser.min.js:8 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'reset' of null (index):34 add_cloud (index):34 b.Timer.update phaser.min.js:12 b.Time.update phaser.min.js:12 b.Game.update phaser.min.js:8 b.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF phaser.min.js:11 window.requestAnimationFrame.forceSetTimeOut._onLoop phaser.min.js:11



Second question:

I've some trouble with accessing elements of group. In example that u can see above, we have group named clouds and a cycle that add cloud_dummy elements to it.

For example i have 10 elements on the screen, and i wanna access 3rd element of group to run other animation.run(). How can i do this trick?


Third question:

I've 2 browsers on my net-book, Chrome and Firefox. In Firefox my games(like example above) lag so hard, but Chrome give me around 60fps and have a little lagspikes that drop fps to 50. Phaser.CANVAS works better in Firefox and Phaser.WEBGL works better in chrome. How can i optimize my games to work better in both browsers?


EDIT 03.05.2014:
I've find a reason why my garbageCollector won't work. I forgot to check world bound for every sprite...

Code shoul look like that:

function add_cloud() {	cloud_dummy = clouds.getFirstDead();	cloud_dummy.reset(800, 100);	cloud_dummy.body.velocity.x -= 150;	cloud_dummy.body.immovable = true;	cloud_dummy.checkWorldBounds = true;	cloud_dummy.outOfBoundsKill = true;}
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The proper way to do recycling is as follows:

function addCloud() {  var cloud = clouds.getFirstExists(false);  if(!cloud) {    cloud = game.add.sprite(0,0, 'mario_cloud');    game.physics.arcade.enableBody(cloud);    cloud.body.velocity.x = -150;    cloud.body.immovable = true;    cloud.checkWorldBounds = true;    cloud.outOfBoundsKill = true;  }  cloud.reset(800,100);  cloud.revive();}

group.getFirstExists(false) will get the first element of the group that no longer exists. This usually indicates that "kill()" has been called on this element. It's a much safer way to cycle through "dead" objects.

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