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Need advice drawing sprite from side

Paul Brzeski

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Hey everyone



I'm trying to create a detailed pixel sprite for my game. I'm having issues working out the proportions and angle for the side view of the character. Many games seem to put them slightly off so that you see a "kind of isometric" view... but I'm thinking of doing a "dead on" side view like the last frame below,




Does anyone have any advice as to how to get the proportions right? The character looks a bit deformed from his front/back look. Would I be better off angling him towards the player a bit more?



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If you want to have game in realistic style (not cartoonish, when proportions can be very different from reality) I recomend working with photos. It is the way I use sometimes when I've got this kind of problem. I just do a photo of object, set it as background in photoshop and do my drawings on top of that with half of opacity.

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