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Invalid button press detection while scaling canvas


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Greetings, developers! 


I have the following situation here: 

I'm not using any of Phaser tools to manage game stretch logics and I have a problem with Phaser buttons right now.

Guess that Phaser don't know that touch coordinates are related to old canvas style while it was stretched.


The resizing logic is following:

function ResizeGame(){    var Ratio = 960 / 640;    var NewWidth = window.innerWidth;    var NewHeight = window.innerHeight;    if (NewWidth > NewHeight) // LANDSCAPE    {        GameInstance.canvas.style.height = NewHeight + "px";        GameWrapperContainer.style.height = NewHeight + "px";        NewWidth = NewHeight * Ratio;        GameInstance.canvas.style.width = NewWidth + "px";        GameWrapperContainer.style.width = NewWidth + "px";        //GameInstance.scale.width = (960 / (NewHeight * Ratio));        //GameInstance.scale.height = (960 / (NewHeight * Ratio));    } else //PORTRAIT    {        NewHeight = NewWidth / Ratio;        GameInstance.canvas.style.height = NewHeight + "px";        GameWrapperContainer.style.height = NewHeight + "px";        GameInstance.canvas.style.width = NewWidth + "px";        GameWrapperContainer.style.width = NewWidth + "px";        //layer.scale = 960 / NewWidth;    }    GameWrapperContainer.style.left = window.innerWidth * 0.5 - NewWidth * 0.5 + "px";    GameWrapperContainer.style.top = window.innerHeight * 0.5 - NewHeight * 0.5 + "px";}

The button boundaries are offset. I don't know what to do.

Changing camera view boundaries not works.

Changing world boundaries also has no effect.

Tried using Phaser to do that stuff but not found the way how to do it.


The next question is about locking mobile swipes and touches to prevent scrolling of the page while playing. The stretched game has some parts of document body visible. And when player's finger touches that region the browser scrolls content so url bar appears.. Its awful.

Tried doing that:

/* Locking mobile browser non-gaming manipulations */document.body.addEventListener("touchmove", function(e){    e.preventDefault();    return false;});document.body.addEventListener("touchstart", function(e){    e.preventDefault();    return false;});document.body.addEventListener("selectstart", function(e){    e.preventDefault();    return false;});document.body.addEventListener("dragstart", function(e){    e.preventDefault();    return false;});document.body.addEventListener("contextmenu", function(e){    e.preventDefault();    return false;});

But it doesn't work. 

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