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UK - HTML5 Game Dev Conferences?


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Hi everyone.


I am a Flash Dev and for many years I have felt somewhat excluded from my community. For example, in a decade, I have never met a fellow flash developer.  It can be a tough road to keep up with direction when you miss the community events. 

HTML is more popular, and I have noticed a lot of you are from the UK :D Me too! Scotland here, my employer and I are open to attending conferences relevant to us (online browser games) and I was just looking for some advice. Is there a "big conference" once a year in London for example deffo worth going to? 


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There aren't any UK based html5 conferences yet. That may change, but not sure who'd run one. OnGameStart is run in Poland each year around September time, if there is a 2013 one then I would consider getting a few cheap plane tickets and flying out. The content is a bit hit and miss (in terms of how useful it will be to you, it's always entertaining to listen to) and the Polish are basically really awesome people.

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There are quite a lot of events in London.  Dave Evans (@daredevildave) from PlayCanvas runs the London HTML5 Game Dev group that meets regularly, and does the occasional presentation night.  Well worth going to but maybe not worth the trip from Scotland!  London also has the London Flash Users Group that actually now allocates a reasonable amount of time to discussing HTML5/WebGL.  There are lots of other jams/meetups/conventions as well.  One great event I attended more or less 6 months ago was MozFest (also held in London) which had a lot of games and HTML5 related sessions going on.  So there are things going on - you just need to keep an eye out for events.  It's a real shame that things are so heavily biased towards London though... 


By the way, I second the recommendation to go to onGameStart.  I presented at that conference last year - it was hugely enjoyable!

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