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P2 collisionGroup no collisions


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With P2, I have in my game a meteor and stars. I have 2 groups : meteorCollisionGroup and starsCollisionGroup.


When I create my meteor I do :

this.sprite.body.collides(this.starsCollisionGroup, this.hitObstacle, this);

When I pop a star, I do 


When my meteor hit a star, I scale it down (and when it's a bonus (another group) I scale it up) :

this.sprite.scale.x = this.sprite.scale.x * 0.9;this.sprite.scale.y = this.sprite.scale.y * 0.9;this.sprite.body.setCollisionGroup(this.collisionGroup);

Then my meteor sometime overlap a star without hitting it ... and I have no clue why I have this behavior. When I activate debug on bodies, nothing's wrong.


Looks like stars overlaped have already poped when scaling down my meteor. But lots of already poped stars do hit my meteor.


If you have any idea, you are welcome  :P

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I think its like this. If you just scale the sprite, then you wont have a problem. But, if you change the P2 physics body size, then you have to reset setCollisionGroup(entityCollisiongroup) and collides(entityCollisiongroup) after a resize. 

I do not have to set callback on collsions between collisiongroups again though. Only reset the collisiongroup and that I want it to collide with itself.

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