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why this variable is private


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Hello all,


Please, I am a newbie, so excuse my question.

I am looking at the code of Pixi, because I want to understand how works this code.

in Stage.js, I do not understand that

this.worldTransform or this.dirty are private ???


Thanks a lot

PIXI.Stage = function(backgroundColor){    PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer.call( this );    /**     * [read-only] Current transform of the object based on world (parent) factors     *     * @property worldTransform     * @type Mat3     * @readOnly     * @private     */    this.worldTransform = new PIXI.Matrix();    /**     * Whether or not the stage is interactive     *     * @property interactive     * @type Boolean     */    this.interactive = true;    /**     * The interaction manage for this stage, manages all interactive activity on the stage     *     * @property interactive     * @type InteractionManager     */    this.interactionManager = new PIXI.InteractionManager(this);    /**     * Whether the stage is dirty and needs to have interactions updated     *     * @property dirty     * @type Boolean     * @private     */    this.dirty = true;    //the stage is its own stage    this.stage = this;    //optimize hit detection a bit    this.stage.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(0,0,100000, 100000);    this.setBackgroundColor(backgroundColor);};
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They are private because we mark them as such in the documentation, not that we use any language feature to enforce it. Javascript doesn't have the idea of public/protected/private; there are ways to "hide" properties from non-class methods but we do not employ any of those in Pixi.js


When you see @private, or @readOnly they are hints for the documentation; not hard enforced states. It just tells the user that they exists, but you probably shouldn't use them without knowing exactly what you are doing.

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