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Texture out of sprite bounds when animated


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Hello there ! 


I have an issue with an animated sprite.

My sprite is drag enabled and constrained in a drag rectangle.

You can see the sprite bounds and the drag rectangle in debug mode bellow.

My problem is that the texture of the sprite is out of its bounds ...

This is not happening with a static image sprite.


By the way, dragging sprite with anchor at 0.5, 0.5 have a weird behavior.




I'm using Phaser 2.0.4


Any idea ?

Thank you !

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Is there anybody out there with this problem ?
Maybe it is a bad Texture packer set up (I'm using JSON Array).

It seems that setting the spriteSourceSize x and y to zero correct the issue, I need to do more tests.


What's your workflow to export animations ?

Personally, I export png frames from an SWF with SWFsheet then I import them into Texture packer.

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