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I'm trying to create a preloader for my game.


I figured I'd have to make 2 states:


PreloaderState - I load the preloader sprite so it can appear in GameState, when loaded I move to GameState.

GameState - In preload() I set the preloader sprite I loaded in PreloaderState.


However when I try to CREATE the preloader sprite the whole screen turns black (an error occured), without creating a preloader sprite everything works fine and the game is started.


Is it not possible to add a sprite instance to the game in a state's preload()?


What am I doing wrong?


Here are the states:


/*Preloader State*/var PreloaderState = function(game) {};PreloaderState.prototype.preload = function(){game.load.image('preloader', 'images/preloader.jpg');};PreloaderState.prototype.create = function(){game.state.start('game');}/*Game State*/var GameState = function(game) {};GameState.prototype.preload = function(){var preloader = game.sprite.add(0, 0, 'preloader'); //Creates an error, code after this line is not reachedgame.load.setPreloaderSprite(preloader);}
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xdiepx - right, a stupid mistake on my behalf. Another one I noticed - I wrote setPreloaderSprite when it should be setPreloadSprite. Fixed.


Pedro Alpera and rich - I was not aware of the existence of templates actually, it helped me realize many other things about structure and features I wasn't aware of, thanks.

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