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Strange sprite margin


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I have an image 64x32px, I load it as a spritesheet :

this.game.load.spritesheet('ground', 'images/ground.png', 32, 32);

I can change the frame as I want but when I switch from frame 0 (default) to frame 1 I got a little line of green, but I shouldn't have it, my image has 32x32px green and 32x32 ground color. I didn't specified any margin or padding ... I don't get it




When I zoom on green I can see a little light brown line




My sprite



Thx  ;)

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First, try to put phaser into canvas mode. (.CANVAS instead of .AUTO) check, if the line is still there.


If switching to CANVAS fixes it, then it is an opengl (and by extend a video card driver) problem.


You might want to test a spritesheet with margins between the sprites.

(Create it with texture packer for example. You then load the spritesheet and the json file so phaser knows where each tile starts).

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