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Windows Phone 8.1


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Hi All,


Has anyone had any luck with using BabylonJS in a Windows Phone 8.1 JavaScript app (or using IE11 in WP8.1) ?


What I am seeing is, my app runs in the WP8.1 emulator OK (although very slow)...  but when I deploy the app to a WP device, it crashes when running on the device, apparently because of memory issues. The device has 512 MB of ram though, and when I use the VS Memory profiler, the JS heap peaks at 184MB before crashing.


Here is what I see in the JS console:

WEBGL11005: OUT_OF_MEMORY: generateMipmapFile: babylon.engine.js, Line: 931, Column: 17

and then later...

WEBGL11098: drawElements: The texture is a non-power-of-two texture or not mipmap completeFile: babylon.engine.js, Line: 389, Column: 9

and then...

Unhandled exception at line 926, column 17 in ms-appx://6cebae1b-40c1-4f2c-b787-0c7199ef3966/Babylon/babylon.engine.js0x8899000c - JavaScript runtime error: There has been a presentation error that may be recoverable. The caller needs to recreate, rerender the entire frame, and reattempt present.

I guess I will try to reduce texture sizes, although they are pretty small really. But I was wondering if anyone else was experimenting with supporting WP8.1 with a BabylonJS app?








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I don't really have an idea on it except that your textures should be power-of-two textures according to the error message. So it's not the fact they are big or small but their sizes (number of pixels per row and per column) are not power of two (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512...).

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Thanks for the replies.


I will work on getting a site up with a repro. I'm not ready to share the whole project yet but I'll try to trim it down and make a repro.


But along the same lines, is anyone able run the demos at http://babylonjs.com successfully on Windows Phone 8.1 ?


I am thinking that the resources are just so limited, that WebGL apps will need to be designed from the ground up for WP8.1.



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