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Build System

Rudrabhoj Bhati

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What build system you use?

Personally I am now using Debian, Debian Mint Cinnamon x86_64 to be exact. I had played a lot with Ubuntu and various BSDs. While BSD were very solid, enterprise grade stablity and dependable there was software compablity problem. The 'vibrant' linux distros like Ubuntu and Fedora aren't stable, indeed even Windows 8 is more stable then them, but gets slower by time if you don't maintaint it properly.

I have heard good word about scientific linux and debian. While SL was primarly used by labs and universities, so was extremly stable and dependable, but at the cost of new software. Debian have a 'testing' edition of there operating system which have newer software. Debian Mint is based on it, as of now it is being very stable.


I use GCC compiler everywhere for desktop games, even at the Windows (GCC4.9). I use Sublime and Eclipse as main editors. I don't use the 'advance' ide feature of eclipse, just make custom make files and compile from commandline.

For testing HTML5 games on desktop, I use nginx server.


How is your build environment like :D

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