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Bug pick 1.12-beta update 2014-05-16


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That's why it is called a "beta" version.

I wonder if it is the place to post issues about bugs ? We know babylonjs framework is under construction but does the forum have to look to bug announces more than discussions ?

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Oh, it's real?. I know that this is a Beta version (it is written). I know that a beta has bugs.

I do not ask a question, I reported the bug I see as I have always done. This has never annoy people. This you trouble ?

It is not because this is a Beta version that it should not be used and tested. I know that I can find bugs and get things report them. If everyone uses version 1.11, the 1.12 bugs will never reassembled.

Oh and I use this engine for 7 or 8 months I know it is in construction.


Thanks for your comment. I like this 1.12-Beta

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This is since the changes in the post-process of this latest version.(I think)


When I use an old version 1.12 (of May 11), it works on my project and I did with the current, it does not work.


I look in the console to display the result of a pick and nothing, it is as if I click on anything.

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Yes, I wanted to tell you that my "picks" was shifted (étais décaler) and looking at your patch I told myself that it was going to work.

and it work. you are a genius. Thanks for having me avoid to an example scene.


This is perfect. :D  I love 1.12



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