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Invalid layer ID given: null when creating a layer


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I have searched a few times on this forum for this issue, but I can't seem to fix it based on the results.


I want to set up collision based on a polyline, so I add the info

GW.game.load.tilemap('collision', 'assets/ghost-wizard.json', null, Phaser.Tilemap.TILED_JSON);

And then:

GW.map = GW.game.add.tilemap('collision');GW.layer = GW.map.createLayer('collision');

On the createLayer line it is throwing the error, 'collision' is the name of the layer as well as the tilemap. When I inspect the element sent to the createLayer method I notice that the layer property is a completely emptya array. I have not altered the tilted JSON info at all. 


I am using Phaser version 2.0.5 dev branch. Any tips to help figure this one out.  Or let me know if you have if any other info is needed. 



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nope, you can't use createLayer on an Object layer, it's only for Tile layers


if you're using p2 you can use convertCollisionObjects

var walls = game.physics.p2.convertCollisionObjects(map, "Collisions", true); for(var wall in walls) {     walls[wall].setCollisionGroup(wallsCG);     walls[wall].collides(playerCG); }
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