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Difference between anchor and pivot


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What is the difference between pivot and anchor?


Anchor is set to percentages of width, and pivot is set to exact pixel values, but is that the only difference?


If i have a sprite that it 100x100 and i do either of the following code


sprite.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5);






it appears to do exactly the same thing? 

Including when i rotate the sprite, which appears to be the difference in the description.


and also, setting both of these seems to have weird results not sure which is being favoured.



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Pivot is currently "broken":




You're right, at the moment it just works like `anchor`, except with weird effects if the sprite is a different width and height than its texture.

Hopefully it will be "fixed" because it would be extremely useful to be able to rotate a sprite while still maintaining its x/y anchor at the top left corner.

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