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[Finished] Looking for a dev to finish a simple game


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We are looking for someone to help us finish off our "plinko" game.  


We have the entire back end of our game all set. We only need some animation added for a graphical representation of our result. Our random number generator will pick a result when someone drops a chip on our Plinko like game. This is a bitcoin/altcoin gambling game, that is why our back end must pick the result, so it cant be altered by the user.


We want the falling of the chip to look like it is based on real physics, or as close to real as possible (Not the same animation every time), but the chip must ultimately land where our random number generator tells it.   We will have 9 slots on the bottom of the board (please see pic) mirrored on each side.


It would be nice if the user would be able to drag and drop the chip anywhere in the top area. If that is a lot more complicated, we would be willing to have 5-6 predetermined drop spots, where the user could click on one of the spots and the animation would start. The user should only have one chip in play at a time.


Here is the artwork/frontend that we have so far.  http://i.imgur.com/gGFBGYI.png


You can see all we need is the animation part, and the pegs on the board. We would need the ability to change the plinko board background and the images on the chips. This is for dogecoin, we would make games for several other coins from the same template. I hope that makes sense.



We would be willing to pay around $350 USD for a quick turnaround. We would be willing to pay more if you accept bitcoins or altcoins.  Please post here, or contact me at [email protected] if you are willing to accept the job, or if you have any questions.



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