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I spawned some circles (myGame.createGeomSprite(100, 100).createCircle(10)) and rectangles ( myGame.createGeomSprite(100, 200).createRectangle(10, 10) ) and would like to be able to pick them up and move them around. I registered a onDown handler on the input and now I'd like to figure out which of my object is under the mouse if any.


Only way I found out to do this is to call "geoSprite.circle.containsPoint" on all circles and "geoSprite.rect.containsPoint" on all rectangles. However the way I'd intuitively set it up I wouldn't know wether the object is a rect a circle or something else entirely and expect the object or some other part of the framework to handle the picking for me. If that's implemented somewhere I haven't found it yet.

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Picking II


myGame.createGeomSprite(100, 100).createCircle(100) creates a Circle that is centered at p(100,100) while myGame.createGeomSprite(100, 100).createRectangle(100, 100) creates a Rectangle that starts at p(100,100) and is centered at p(150,150) weird.


Also picking using the above mentioned contains() on the rect works as expected while the circle's does not. The circle is only pickable in it's west-north quadrant.

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Nice idea for a thread, thank you. By all means keep on experimenting and posting, but all of the things mentioned so far are fixed in the 1.0 release I'm working on like mad, including proper interaction support (click, tap, drag, drop, snapping) oh and I fixed the circle offset issue too :) By default Sprites are not going to be input enabled, you have to turn that on, but once done they'll interact to the mouse or any touch event.

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