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Particle w/o manager

Soul Linker

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Hello Soul Linker. I'm not really sure what you mean. Did you checked the tutorial ? (https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/wiki/12-Particles)

Anyway, you do have to create a particle system, you can always change the emiterate do 1 (by setting particlesystem.emitrate = 1), but I suspect that is not what you are looking for.

Can you try to be a bit more clear ?

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Hello again,


I'm kind a newbie also, so I'm not completely sure of what I'm going to say. But, in the way I see, it's not completely possible to do what you want. But you do own some control over the particle system.

In first place the particle system is "associated" to a mesh, so if the particle system is started and you move the mesh, the particle system will move with it.

In second place, you can control the direction of the particles with .direction1 and .direction2 vectors.


I hope i helped you out, but i doubt :( 

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Hi Soul Linker!


Why particlesystem is associated with mesh instead of V3


Did you mean... the particleSystem's 'emitter'?  If so, it CAN be a vector 3, or just make the emitter mesh be invisible.


Here is a V3 emitter:  http://urbanproductions.com/wingy/babylon/particlefun/liveEdit/liveEdit03.htm


Using a v3 for an emitter... is mentioned in the tutorial, too.


Now, about that rainbow.  You could get CLOSE to a rainbow...by placing maybe 4 vector3 emitters side by side (each with different color particles), setting the emit angles real narrow, angling the emitters and setting gravity correctly... so that they spray in an arc pattern.  The particles on the inside of the arc would have slightly smaller emit power... and... hmm... like I say, you could get CLOSE to a rainbow.  The problem is... the distance between the particles... on the far end of the arc, would be wider.  The rainbow would be less particle-dense on one end.


Also consider the same system with 4 invisible mesh emitters side by side, with different colors for each emitter, of course.  And you fly them in a sin arc... back and forth across the sky, like a car windshield wiper. Maybe that would look something like a rainbow..  Do it real fast with no gravity and short particle life.  Interesting ideas, SL!  Fun stuff.


Parenting emitters to each other, side by side, is sometimes called "ganging" them together. They are said to be 'ganged'.  *shrug*  If you parented all the ganged emitters along the windshield wiper blade... to an invisible parent mesh at the pivot point of the wiper, then rocking (partial rotating) the pivot mesh back and forth... would cause the ganged emitters to arc across the sky back and forth, without the need for any sin/cos calc.  Probably do it real fast... with no gravity, fast emit rate, low emit power, and narrow emit angles... for best results.  Windshield wiper particle rainbow - version 1.0... by Soul Linker.  :)  Fun experiment.  Keep us posted, and show us your demos... if you try these things or other fun particle experiments, ok?  Cool.   Party on!

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Thanks gryff!  You, Soul Linker, Kilombo, and the many many other innovative artists around here... are every bit the idea inventors that I am.  Its just that folks sometimes forget that the emitters of particle systems... can be animated and can fly (and can be parented to each other and parented to other flying mesh).  Mix that thought... with our powerful and versatile particleSystem, and with knowing that more than one particleSystem can be operating at the same time... and the 'particle playground'o'ideas' becomes wide open to mega-fun.


If the burning log happens to be in a fireplace, you have the advantage of users only getting to see it from one primary angle of view.  (Actually, a 'frustum' of view.)   So, video (of a burning log) playing on a plane (inside the fireplace 5-sided box)... might be a good solve for that. 


But we would probably need to TRY the other method as well... a pile of particle emitters along the bottom of a log-textured cylinder.  Our 3-color-sequence (color1, color2, colordead) particles might work real nice for that...  red-to-orange-to-yellow.  Soft-edge textures on the particles such as flare.png (laying around in various local demos)... low emit power, high emit rate, and reversed gravity to make an occassional ember rise into the air.  A fun and interesting experiment idea, there, gryff.


Keep in mind that many particleSystems... can use the same emitter... and that the emitter(s) can be the log itself. Then you can rock the log back and forth a tiny bit around its long-axis... to cause some flame inconsistency.  And our particleSystem has randomizing built-into it, as well. Too fun!  The most difficult part is remembering to eat, and sleep, sometimes.  :)

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