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Mesh to follow a path/curve


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So I wrote this little script that has a Cube move from one empty to another to make it's way through a maze to another Cube.



My question is, Can a get an object to follow a path/curve?

I've tried Googling "babylonjs follow path", but didn't find anything.

Is this possible at this point?
Am I using the wrong wording in my searching?


Thanks for any help.

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Hi Metal. I'm kind of a newbie on this, but has far has i know, there isn't, anyway.... It's quite easy to implement. I'll pass you the code I implemented in opengl 2 years ago, you just have to adapt to javascript. :)

//varáveis da curva de besierGLfloat ctrlpoints[4][3] = {	{ 12000.0, 0.0, 0.0}, { 17000.0, 0.0, -12800.0}, 	{-9000.0, 0.0, 0.0}, {12000.0, 0.0, 0.0}};GLfloat besx,besy,besz;float tempo = 0.0f;//Calculo de cruva de beziervoid calculatePoly(float t){		 int i=1;		 float a = -t*t*t + 3*t*t - 3*t + 1;		 float b = 3*t*t*t + -6*t*t + 3*t;		 float c = -3*t*t*t + 3*t*t;		 float d = t*t*t;		 besx = (ctrlpoints[i-1][0]*a + ctrlpoints[i][0]*b + ctrlpoints[i+1][0]*c + ctrlpoints[i+2][0]*d);		 besy = (ctrlpoints[i-1][1]*a + ctrlpoints[i][1]*b + ctrlpoints[i+1][1]*c + ctrlpoints[i+2][1]*d);		 besz = (ctrlpoints[i-1][2]*a + ctrlpoints[i][2]*b + ctrlpoints[i+1][2]*c + ctrlpoints[i+2][2]*d);	}desenhaObj(2,besx,besy,besz,rotacao,3);

The "desenhaobj" method receives has args the number of the mesh, besier position x, and so on, rotation (calcultated in another place) and the size of the mesh.


Hope I've been helpfull.

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