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Pixi Graphics multiple lineTo same position


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I am trying to animate drawing a line following the method here.




I found out that when lineTo method is called to the same position line dissapears.


graphic.lineTo(100, 100);

graphic.lineTo(100, 100);


Take a look at this jsbin. http://jsbin.com/goqaxopu/1/edit?html,js,output


Is this intended behaviour or a bug?

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Why would you draw the line to the same position twice concurrently? This would just create a 0 length line at the end of the last line - which I guess is confusing the WebGL line renderer and causing the line to disappear. The problem does not happen if you force pixi to use CanvasRenderer:

	var renderer = new PIXI.CanvasRenderer(620, 380);

I can't think of a valid reason why you'd ever want to call lineTo to the same position twice without at least a moveTo in-between to set a new starting point.

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I was trying to draw animated line, using tweens sometimes same number gets called twice or very close. Like this:


update: function() {

       graphics.lineTo(animated.X, animated.Y);



I figured it was a wrong approach, since it creates whole bunch of independent lines.

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