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Pixi Version Freezes?


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Hello Pixi Lords,


Understand that it might be too early, but is there any plan in the near future to start tagging source as being a certain version?


It just makes upgrading/downgrading a bit more predictable. I can obviously do some adhoc versioning of the built pixi.js file internally, but it's not ideal.




PS. for a given version, I am not expecting any guarantee of stability obviously, just more fixed points to work and test against.

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Ah I see, fair enough. I was looking for git tags, missed the package.json file :).


My point kinda stands, if the source code changes, it's not the same version anymore. I do understand that things are in flux and we can't have a huge no. of official point releases. I was more thinking of tagging "milestones", even if not uber stable yet.


Anyway, small issue for now, was curious more than anything.

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