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Improve monetization with 3rd party gift card payments - Introducing PayGarden.com

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My team and I have developed a unique alternative payment solution called PayGarden.com.  We are looking for game devs and publishers to partner with.    

What PayGarden does: Enables a website or app to accept popular 3rd party gift cards (e.g. Starbucks, Target, Walmart, etc.) as online payment.  (example: If a user has a $15 Starbucks gift card, they could trade it for in-game tokens/credits in an MMORPG game.)

Why it's unique: By accepting common gift cards as payment, you can reach customers who don't have or are afraid to use traditional payment options like credit cards, Paypal, etc. online. This means tapping into a set of new customers, and converting more of your non-paying users. PayGarden thus boosts your overall monetization, and there's no other solution like it available.

Does it work?:  Yes - we've launched in other verticals, such as private VPNs and subscription-based online entertainment, and our partners are reporting 10-20% lift in new payments.

How difficult is integration?We work with partners to make integration straightforward and easy, requiring 1 engineer and about 2-3 days. We've been told by partners we're one of the easiest add-ons they've ever done.  

Sound interesting for your gaming audience?  Let us know. [email protected]

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