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What To Do When My HTML 5 Game Is Done?


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Okay, so at this moment, I am currently playing around and learning a bit on making HTML 5 games. Right now I have MANY questions...

So I'll try to keep this simple, also, I may not even know what I am talking about!!!!

First of ALL!! What engines or programs do people use to make nice, simple, yet polished HTML 5 games with, with EASE!!! When I mean ease, I mean for a complete beginner with literally NO programming knowledge. I am a fairly quick learner.......

I am currently looking at Construct 2 https://www.scirra.com/construct2 or Stencyl http://www.stencyl.com/ because they seem quite easy to use. I have personnally tried using complex engines like Unity 3D which I cannot understand quite well yet!!!

I am currently almost 15 years old, and right now, my current main goal by making these games is to make just a few hundred dollars ($150 and more, I'll be quite happy) because with this money I plan on expanding my game collection :) yeah just to buy some stuff and maybe put a bit a side for my family so that we can get a new lawn tractor :)

So yeah, with one of the above mentioned game makers, could I make HTML 5 games fairly easily and maker at least $150 each in revenue? Am I even making any sense? Hmmmm....

And if I ever complete a game of quality that'll make at least $150 (in sponsors???) , where do I go to get my game out there?


To put this in a potentially more simple way, with either Construct 2 or Stencyl (any suggestions???) can I make a game that'll create at least $150 in revenue with barely any game making knowledge (I have used Game Maker VX Ace which I know the basics of very well) and if yes! THEN!!! where do I go to "sell" my game? What do I DO!!!!????


Can someone just put it in simple words even point form would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


My second goal in all this though, is to gain a bit of game making experience, because someday, I want work in game making for a large company (JUST A DREAM MAYBE!!)


Anyways, thank you very much for HELP!!!! :) I am desperate at this point! BTW the $150 as revenue in my credit card (or one of my parents :) ) is MORE than GOOD enough!!






P.S I am new to this site, and I am not sure if this is in the right place :(


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I recommend using Construct2. It's what I use mostly. The best way to go with making money is to license your HTML5 games to multiple publishers. You can license a  single game to multiple publishers. Although some Devs have gotten more, depending on your game, you can license it for an average of $500-1000 per publisher. You can also get your in revenue sharing programs and get paid monthly. In addition you can package your game and take it to the various app stores.


Hope this helps.

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