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Introduce yourself and your project


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Hi All,


I did not see an introduction thread so I figured I would start one. If i am wrong move the thread. 


I have been a gamer for many of years starting with the Commodore 64 and the game Tink Tonk in Robot Land. Obviously I have grown and gaming has changed quite a bit since then, my love of video games has never faded at the displeasure of my wife.  :)


Anyways I used to teach math in the middle school and was blown away at the deficiencies and we have all seen how domestically, performance in the S.T.E.M. fields have lagged other nations. The answer is simple, more practice, but implementing a solution that will encourage engagement is tough. I wanted to create a means of practicing skills, that does not pervert the essence of the task, say algebra, but making it more enjoyable by infusing gaming elements. Ideally, the app would be such that one would not mind spending an appreciable amount of time and gain mastery, and the experience similar to reality so the skill could be applied to other settings.


Rather than edutainment I want educatient, more emphasis on the education.


So that is my first project, and of course I have some gaming ideas too....


I am very much a novice, engineer by trade but no real coding experience in a web environment. I am going to be blogging my experiences on http://www.stemsharp.com and hopefully inspire people who know next to nothing about game development that you can create polished products with opensource/low budget tools.


I look forward to working with and learning from you all. I just got my coding environment set up and away we go!!!

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Hi everyone,


So my name's Adrien (obviously), and I just found this forum looking for a way to get rid of antialiasing when scaling the canvas. This thread gave me the answer I was looking for, so I though I'd just sign in to say a big thank you.


I have practically no experience in game development, but I've been interested for years, and finally decided to start something some two years ago, working on my free time, so I'm not progressing as fast as I would like to. I got started with Pygame, as Python was pretty much the only language I knew, but soon found myself stuck. The recent talk about HTML5 convinced me to learn some javascript, and so far I don't regret it.


As the previous poster above, I'm interested in using games for education. My project focuses on Japanese language, and the other reason I'd started with Python was because of this game: http://taw.github.io/jrpg/ whose author has been kind enough to put the source code online. What I have in mind would be rather similar in spirit, using RPG mechanics to ease kanji acquisition, and I have a lot of ideas on how to make it work — for my own benefit first, and then hopefully I'll get something that works and can be useful to others.


That's probably a little ambitious for what's practically my real project, but hey, I really want to learn Japanese and the methods I tried didn't sem to get me anywhere, so I may as well create one of my own. I'm bound to learn a lot about both Japanese and game development in the process, so I won't be completely losing my time anyway.






PS: I was also looking for a self-introduction thread... And I noticed several other threads where people would just introduce themselves... Might be a good idea to pin this thread on top of the General talk section...

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