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Scaling Modes (CocoonJS and Browser)


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After playing with the CocoonJS scaling methods, I have a couple of questions ...


1. Would there be any way for allowing these scaling modes for the browser and not just CocoonJS?


2. Could we please have a mode similar to 'ScaleAspectFit' but without the letterbox effect?


Something like 'resizeToFill' for both mobile and desktop browsers as well as CocoonJS.


I think Panda.js is a BRILLIANT engine and I've started using it for my next game. I've learned more in the last couple of days, then with 99% of other engines I've tried!


I would REALLY appreciate any feedback on this :)


Thank you heaps in advance!


PS. resizeToFill on Android Chrome doesn't centre but shows extra space to only the left side.

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Ok, I managed to figure out why my content was not centring in the browser when using resizeToFill.


I am placing my objects on specific co-ordinates instead of using %.


I managed to find a solution to this ...


If I place all my content inside a container, I can then centre the container on the device.


Now it works without a hitch :)


All thats left now, is a scaling mode like ResizeToFill for CocoonJS, to get rid of the letterbox bars.


Do you think this might be implemented in the future?


Thanks in advance!

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