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Recommended way to get Visual Studio intellisense for v1.12 while developing?

Sam Wood

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The minified version of v1.11 keeps parameter names intact, which is very handy while developing. v1.12 is now uglified, so parameter names are no longer useful when examining the function signature.


Many js libraries I've used in the past include a map or non-minified version to use while developing. Is there something like that for Babylon? I can certainly examine the source on github when I want to know the order of parameters in a function, but that's slightly painful to do every time :).

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Noticed that yes, parameters are being mangled to reduce minified size  :) .  More than just auto completion might be affected though.  I remember I published a Java multi-line converter tool earlier.  The response I got was:  there are pretty print buttons in browsers.  Just wonder how difficult this is going to fixing bugs in application code?


Is a babylon-debug.js file easily doable? 

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