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Shadows on a 3 problem


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When I use useVarianceShadowMap to false, the shadows totally disappears.
setTransparencyShadow does not change anything. the shadows are projected by the plan and not by the textures of foliage with transparency, which gives not pretty results.
Result in image:

I did an example also with 2 trees scene, one that uses usevarianceShadowMap and one who uses it not but who do project no shadows.
I have noted that edge of shadows on any defect and are not smooth. It takes close textures value of 5000 (big texture) to have smoother shadows and less sawtooth.

but I noticed that the texture value increase more dark is the textures. a value of 1014 gives a less dark, but with the border very ugly shadows.

Example scene

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The latest version has correct the major problem shadows.


but there is a detail that I didn't include. a plan with a texture of foliage with transparency. the shadows are going to display a plan, not the foliage. that gives not pretty shadows.


there something to fix this? I thought that setTansparencyShadow was made for this. but I have the impression that this changes nothing. 


Thank you.

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Used to generate the transparency of my foliage I serves opacity. Therefore it does not work for shadows.


This would not be possible to supported this for shadows?


If you look at the second image, I have enable opacity that generates the transparency of the foliage.





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