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Tiles with interesting faces / What is it all about?


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Hi everybody,


can anyone explain what's all about this interestingFace feature of Tiles?

I can't figure out, if it's there for a specific (internal) reason, or if it's just free to use and how to use it probably.



I'm working on a grid based movement with tweens right now and figured out how to use collision of tiles to figure out if an object can tween here, or not (without depending on physics actual). Now I focus on movable objects (player vs player, player vs npc, npc vs npc). And my idea is, to reserve (block) a tile when the object is tweening to it, while I release the origin tile. This while prevent that more than one object can target for the same tile. As it would be nice to have additional information, like if it's worth evaluating for additional interaction and to keep the map as constistent as possible I would unlikely use collision flags here and go for an other solution.

The interesting faces looks like the ones I could need.

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