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Having trouble destroying Sprites


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I'm having trouble destroying sprites and I don't really understand why it's not working.


I have an object, let's call it Block. Block has a sprite property that gets added at construction like so:

this.sprite = this.game.add.sprite(this.x, this.y, 'blocks', this.color);


At a certain point, I have two arrays that reference Block:

square[0] = Block;

destroy[0] = Block;


At some point in the update function, I need to destroy Block's sprite, so this happens:

square[0] = null;
What I'd expect is that in the next Update cycle, I should be seeing:
destroy[0].sprite == null
However all I'm seeing is:
destroy[0].sprite == b.Sprite;
With it's alive and visible properties just set to false.
My worry is that if I were to now set:
destroy[0] = null;
what will happen to that sprite object? Should I set it to null first or will it get cleaned up automatically? Also, how is destroy() different from kill() if it doesn't null out the reference?
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