Mouse Pointer Snapping to Anchor Point Behaviour

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When clicking on a sprite to drag the mouse pointer snaps to the sprite's anchor point. This is a bit jarring, especially for larger sprites, where the shift is very visible.


Is there a good way either using pixi directly, or some code workaround to keep the mouse at its relative position as it moves, while maintaining the anchor?


Thanks all.

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Hi rolnaaba,


You are quite right, it is the sprite that jumps, my mistake.


Do you still want an issue made? (I don't think the current behaviour is ideal) The dragging example in the pixi distribution illustrates the problem.


I don't mind posting something smaller, but any further information you need on the report?

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I agree that the current behavior is bad, I'll see if I can work on it this weekend, please make an issue though or I will forget about it :) Thanks again!


P.S. Make sure to include your sample code with this issue, it will help a lot!

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