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BSONLoader, CSSLoader, SVGLoader


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Just queuing up the discussion on Binary Object Notation for Javascript as a potential PIXI loader in the current future.. 


MongoDB is a good example of an existing architecture that uses it as both a file system and for content delivery.

Additionally, I'm reviewing css base64string images and css-shaders in combination WebGL


here is a 2 year old git on the css-shader route.


if nothing else it is a good example of how you can extract data from css. Thus a PIXI.CSSLoader is certainly possible.. and shouldn't even require ajax if the base64string representation of images are supplanted into css selectors & files. You could of course use ajax against 'url' style declaration when present.

Additionally, I've been trying to review SVG support.. I've been following and reviewing the Adobe WebPlatform team of and on since they acquired RaphaelJS developer Dmitry Baranovskiy.. who may have been instrumental in the following Javascript Library Snap.svg. http://snapsvg.io/ (actually I just read the about page and it is indeed his creation)

Snap.svg doesn't seem to require the use of Canvas or WebGL.. instead it uses the svg element and likely css transformation and transitioning.. It seems like a pretty good standalone library. For the purpose of PIXI Loading.. it's the Matrix (in context of SVG) and the general SVG object portions of the code that are relevant.

There is a specific reference on the homepage to making svg spritesheets.. so that's of interest as well.


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Actually.. for the CSSLoader.. another great reference git.. that I've used in the past is skrollr stylesheets



note the use of the data attribute on the link tag reference...


EDIT: note that skrollr stylesheets extracts the attribute and declarations of pseudo vendor tags from a stylesheet and assigns/appends values into the data attribute of a DOM element.. the assigning/appending values to the DOM element data attribute is NOT part of what I am referencing to.. 

Also, for my own purposes, I'm reviewing Web Components and Shadow DOM (which isn't supported by all major browsers as of yet: 

http://caniuse.com/shadowdom ). It is worth reviewing for understanding potential pitfalls in regards to SVGs, as the styling can be decoupled from the file as well as embedded. 

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