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Failing to remove sprites


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I am currently working on a multiplayer game with PIXI and i'm trying to reload the level. But when i do, my code is failing to remove the previous level, but i don't really know why.
The level is created into a separate stage that is used for rendering the whole level at once. So my approach was to just remove this stage from the main stage to remove the level:

level.destroy = function () {	for(var key in level.sprites) {		level.sprites[key].alpha = 0.25;		level.sprites[key].blendMode = PIXI.blendModes.ADD;		console.log("dafuq?");	}	console.log(level.stage);	game.levelStage.removeChild(level.stage);}

This should remove the stage and print some information.

The information is printed, but the stage won't dissappear, neither the sprites get translucent.


Can you give me any hint why this could fail?


Resulting image




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There should only be one stage per renderer. If you want multiple containers within the stage, use DisplayObjectContainers.


A PIXI.Stage is the root of the scene graph, think of it as immutable within your renderer. You can have each "level" be a DisplayObjectContainer that is added/removed to/from the stage at will.

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