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Draw a triangle mesh on both sides


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Hi there,
Im looking for a property to draw a triangle mesh on both side. Atm my code only draw the face coolinear to the normal. Any tips ?

function drawTriangle(scene) {  	//Let's create a mesh for our element:  var triangle = new BABYLON.Mesh('triangle', scene);	//Then, the points for the triangle element:  var positions = [    0, 1, 0,    -1, -1, 0,    1, -1, 0  ];	//Next, we create the normals (orientation):  var normals = [    1, 1, 1,    1, 1, 1,    1, 1, 1  ];	//And the indices, for the points order:  var indices = [];  indices.push(0);  indices.push(1);  indices.push(2);	//Finally, we load everything in our mesh:  triangle.setVerticesData(positions, BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind, true);  triangle.setVerticesData(normals, BABYLON.VertexBuffer.NormalKind, true);  triangle.setIndices(indices);  return triangle;}


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Yes, backfaceculling has been in Babylon for the year or so that I've been messing with it, but I thought DK told me that double sided meshes weren't supported and no plans to support it. Pretty sure that setting BFC to false just made my face black instead of transparent, and didn't show the texture. That was... months ago from blender exports though.


I would love it if double sided meshes were supported. I have a lot of meshes that are like... the sail of a ship that I will have to duplicate the faces for just to show the texture on both sides.

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yea... looks like three.js is playing some tricks to support it.



Looks like there's a "simple" fix for this in 3DS Max...


Just use shell on the surface that you want to make double sided, then set the thickness down to 0.



Inner/Outer Amount

Distance in 3ds Max generic units by which the inner surface is moved inward and the outer surface is moved outward from their original positions. Defaults=0.0 / 1.0.


The sum of the two Amount settings determines the thickness of the object's shell, as well as the default width of the edges. If you set both to 0, the resultant shell has no thickness, and resembles an object set to display as 2-sided.


Maybe an option in the exporter to "make 2 sided" for 3DS Max which just applies a shell to the object and sets the inner/outer to 0?

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