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viewport that does not appear


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I create a small stage with 2 viewport but the first does not appear. It appears a small second and immediately disappears.
The second took precedence over the first.
I done the reverse, if the viewport of the mini-map that is before and this create some problem to run Actions (I report a problem on an other subject for this and it is bind., but I think that the problem comes from the viewport and not actions)
Si je créer la viewport 1 (la mini-carte) puis le viewport 2, la mini-carte ne s'affiche plus, ou s'affiche une demis seconde et disparait, et les actions fonctionne sur le viewport 2.
Mais si je fait l’inverse (viewport 2 puis  viewport 1),  c’est la mini-carte qui prend le dessus et donc les actions ne fonctionne pas, c’est le viewport 1 (la mini-carte) qui est au dessus le viewport 2 et qui épeiche de pouvoir exécuter les actions.
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Oh by the way I think I understand your problem.


Rendering is done following the creation's order: If camera1 is created before camera2 then camera1 will be rendered first


But actions use the latest viewport set (so the camera2's one)


Let me look if I can add a parameter to actions in order to define with which camera they should work with

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Yes that's right. Thanks Deltakosh for the new function.
But I think that all has not been well commit. on the .ts I:
public cameraToUseForPointers: Camera; Define this parameter if you are using multiple cameras and you want to specify which one should be sued for pointer position.

but in the .js it have not.


But it works anyway.
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