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How to get fire onUp event when mouse up out side the game?


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The mouseOutCallback code works, but the question about firing the onInputUp listener was never answered. I'm guessing that Naveen was trying to figure out a workaround for browsers like IE11 that do not detect if the user releases the mouse outside of the canvas. One way to deal with that would be to automatically trigger a mouse up event when leaving the canvas to avoid the complications that arise if a user releases the mouse outside the canvas and the event is not detected.

If I do this by calling the function specified in onInputUp, my onInputDown listener only responds on the second mouse down. Is there a way to trigger onInputUp without actually releasing the mouse?


car.events.onInputDown.add(onGrabCar, this);car.events.onInputUp.add(onReleaseCar, this);game.input.mouse.mouseOutCallback = function() {	console.log("Mouse left game canvas");	onReleaseCar();//have to click twice to grab again};
See related post http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/16304-sprites-oninputup-doesnt-fire-if-off-canvas-in-ie11-is-there-a-fix/
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