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How To Play Audio On Default Android Browser?


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How To Play Audio On Default Android Browser?




I am sure this has been asked already somewhere, but how can I play audio on Android's default(stock) Internet browser?

HTML5 Audio does not work, and neither does howler.js(tried demo on their website on my Android device - no sound?)


I have a desktop HTML5 2-D game engine that I am attempting make work on Android devices but I can't seem to make any sound?


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!



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I haven't tested myself, but my girlfriend recently made a little HTML5 app, in which she first tried the audio tag, and then switched to howler.js

Both worked fine in the stock Android browser here.

She switched to howler.js though, because the audio tag doesn't pre-load audio in the stock Android browser.

But with howler.js audio worked better.

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