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JSFBGL - An ancient experimental js library


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Hi all,



Preface:I know I know ... this is pretty useless nowadays ... maybe this naive way of producing graphics brings a smile on your face anyway ;-) 


I just browsed through my old codebase and found a project from the year 2005/2006. Back then I used browsers like Firefox/ and InternetExplorer 6.0. Since I was always curious about generating graphics in the browser I came up with a small experimental project called Javascript Framebuffer Graphics Libraray, in short JSFBGL (what an awful name ;-) ).




The library created a HTML table. Pixels are represented by table cells. You set a pixel color, by setting the table cell background color. I guess the code is pretty ugly (my first steps in javascript back then). Please remember, the canvas element did not exist!


Here is the old project page.


Some quick links to some experiments I wrote:


TV-Noise Effect




2D Starfield




Fire FX




Picture Pixel Fader




Snake Game








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