Wanna use your music in my rhythm game!

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This video shows an early version of a rhythm game I'm working on:


Anyone have any funky tunes that could be used as a level for this game? Doesn't have to be too similar to the one in the video, as long as there's a clear beat with a round bpm number.

When selecting your song, in the menu, your name would be visible next / under the song name and I can include a link to whatever you want (twitter, soundcloud, personal website, etc).

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You are welcome to use any of the tracks on my website, there are some here that might work:




or some of these are more dancey




help yourself!

Awesome, thanks!

I think "Fold My Brain" and "Angel Dust" would be perfect, but they're a bit too long. Any chance of you making shorter versions (2-3 mins)? Wouldn't want to just butcher them by cutting them myself and it would probably not sound that good...

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I'll see if I can find some time. When would you need them by?

Game is still a few weeks from being finished, but I made it so adding new levels is easy (you just need the music and a xml file with some info), so there's no real time limit here. Even if I get new songs after I release the game, I can easily add them with an update.

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More songs are always welcome, those sound really good!

Actually, instead of shorter edits, I'm actually looking for songs that loop now, but shorter ones would still be better to decrease the download size. I guess I should have said something here as well besides telling alex_h.

I would like to use "No more", is it at all possible for you to make a version that loops?

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