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Is camera.lockedTarget supposed to follow a moving mesh?


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I am kind of thinking not.  As my mesh flies away, it just disappears.  Am using FreeCamera & calling:

camera.lockedTarget = scene.getLastEntryByID("Cloth");

Camera has mesh right in center at beginning, & is not movable by mouse.  Maybe my expectation are too high. :(   Would gladly hear that I am just not doing it right.

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Now looking at the source code for FreeCamera.  saw a property noRotationConstraint = false;  I changed it true.  Did nothing.  At the end of my thing, I happened to click, and suddenly the mesh was back in the middle of the canvas.


I tried running and clicking every so often, and the camera crudely shifted.  So it looks like my answer may be yes.  Is there a way which avoids the clicking repeatedly?





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