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What's wrong with my Rubik's Cube code : is it meshes group management ?


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Hello everyone  :),


I've built a Rubik's Cube with the latest BabylonJS version, you can find my experiment here : http://jsfiddle.net/loloof64/UK8Mn/1/


If you click on the two buttons rotateWhole and rotateX, whatever the order, you may notice that there are some troubles : the Rubik's Cube recover its initial state after each move (instead of keeping the last state).


My main opinion is that there is a problem with the RubiksCube#clearGroupToRotate() method (line 269) : the way I assign several cubes to the groupToRotate mesh seems weird. But still, I haven't found the best workaround to solve it.


Does someone has an idea ?




(I've tried to split my JS files into several ones, but it seems that JsFiddle doesn't work this way, even when they are hosted on my Github project, though I managed for the libraries files. And I would like to apologize for this source code presentation)

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Wow, sorry you haven't gotten any replies on the forum, loloof64.  I love your project, but your code is a little over my head.  But I figured the experts would have jumped aboard this project with you, because it is a cool project!  You have apparently stumped the experts, loloof64.  :)  My no-solution reply will bring your subject to the top of the forum list again, at least.  Any news from your end?  Any new discoveries or changes?  (thx)

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I think that in order to keep rotation correct you have to change boxes' position after affecting the parent


I mean, let's imagine that the center cube is always the parent then other cubes should have position = originalPosition - parentPosition


And obviously you have to do the opposite when removing the parent: position = parentPosition + position

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