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Make a platformer with Tiled: any good practice to follow?


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I plan to create a platformer with Phaser and Tiled. It will be something like the original Mario on NES.


Are there any specific things I should know, or any best practice to follow? For example, here are some questions that I have:


- Is it better tu use .json or .csv export?

- How to handle enemies that are currently not visible by the player?

- How to create animated tiles? By creating objects and adding animations?

- How to create a parallax effects between layers?



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# i'd go with json export

# either create them on the fly when the player reaches a certain point on the map or create them on the beginning and move them only when the camera reached them or create them and let them do their thing (move between boundaries for example) - depends on the ressources of the device if this is a good decision

# i don't know anything about animated tiles.. if they are possible..  i would create an object from tile (there's a function for that) and then add animations..

# do not create a layer for different depths  (if possible)  layers are very cruel to your game performance especially when scrolling.. 


i reprogrammed my whole game to use only 2 visible layers (background and foreground) and all different types of collision objects are polylines on object layers which i convert to collision objects .. the parallax effect is done with 2 - 3 big background images which i scroll in relation to the camera x position..   (in different speeds of course)

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