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Phaser filterkit (Vignette and FilmGrain)


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I needed some aging filters for a game and ported two webgl shaders to Phaser filters. Licensing carries over (quite liberal licensing, so I though keeping it that way), so that's why I'm releasing the filter code here:




The two filters are:


Vignette, for classic vignette effect. Pretty straight port from Evan Wallace's implementation. He has tons of other great shaders too, but don't have need for those now.


FilmGrain, for a realtime (although filter has small impact on fps) realistic analog type of film grain. It was a bit job to find this kind of filter which looked good, but here it is. It is based on Martin Upitis' research and code (http://devlog-martinsh.blogspot.fi/2013/05/image-imperfections-and-film-grain-post.html). Ported (with some adaptations) from the shader code he released. 


There's small demo also which I used for testing the filters (looks better animated):



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