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Volume of sound effects

Dream Of Sleeping

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Hello. I was wondering when preparing audio for your game how loud do you make each effect? By that I mean do you just make each as loud as it can be without peaking then alter the volume using javascript. Or do you balanced all the levels before adding it to your game? I imagine the first way is easier as it will make it easier to tweek the levels but I just wanted to check and see if this was a bad idea.



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I normally try to get the volumes how I want them in the audio itself so that I don't have to worry about what volume I play them at. Not sure whether this is the recommended approach or not though. At one point I thought that HTML5 audio didn't support setting volume (although of course WebAudio does) but I'm less confident that this is the case now, as I had a cursory inspection of Howler.js and it seemed to allow setting volume on HTML5 audio.


In general with audio I'd say that though the fewer things you have to worry about the better! For the client projects we've done for fussy clients like the BBC we've often ended up spending at least as long trying to get the audio to work properly across all devices as we have on building the whole of the rest of the game, if not longer!

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