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A Very Simple Game Making


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Hey y'all.


I'm just new in here and also in js game developing. Actually I didnot nothing about gaming more than changing some source codes of games.


Like this one for example http://thecodeplayer.com/walkthrough/html5-game-tutorial-make-a-snake-game-using-html5-canvas-jquery


I usually used Jquery to effect some divs around like dragging, rotating and stuff in my pseudo website. Now I just want to add something simple , like a basic game which should be just exteremely simple and basic.

Like when 100x100 red square touches another 100x100 blue square, add one score. Blue Square's position has not to be random, gotta be static. Keydown is not needed. Even  "Draggable" is so enough. That's all I want for now.  For beginning If I see so much codes, I directly surrender.


So, where can I start with? Any suggestions?


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Thank you so much for your advises.  :D   You're awesome!!! :DI'm definetly gonna check them so deep!  :ph34r: 

And Selim Arsever?.. This is the first time that I heard about him, eventhough he has a Turkish full name. I couldn't find anywhere around a Turkish source of him or at least something Turkish related to Him. <revealing>I'm native Turkish, so I hoped finding some sources of him in my native language</revealing>

But I guess he's like another Dr. Oz. <_<

So anyway, I hope I could get some easy steps.  And following your blog also... :lol:

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