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Building a virtual tabletop - Looking for Javascript devs


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I've been working for some time on a open virtual tabletop named "RolePlayIt" as a secondary project.

I started this project so to have faster way to handle role playing games, yes I'm aware there are already alternatives, but they're either bulky and slow or closed-source. I meant to provide a customizable barebone tool for a dungeon master to handle the map and actors.


So far the map editing works, the tileset can be switched between topdown and isometric (where the tileset allows), the chat chats, a flawed shadowcasting routine can calculate LoS (unless disabled)... a little more work and it could actually be useful!

Source repo: https://github.com/RoleplayIT/roleplayit

To run the server: https://github.com/RoleplayIT/roleplayit/wiki/How-to-run-the-server

I've done some progress, but it being a secondary project I've been working on few and fragmented amounts of time, as you may guess, it's full of half assed attempts and bad decisions... which is why I'm here.

I'd love if an experienced developer could help me rebuild and organize the code in a proper fashion. I've studied many patterns and stuff, but alas I lack the experience in game making to make use of that knowledge, I can't decide which of the many ways of doing things is the one that leads to fewer regrets (and thus I waste hours staring blankly at the screen).

The server runs on node.js and uses express.io (an old version though, is it worthwile to upgrade ?), the code is readable but needs to be better.
The client instead uses craftyjs to display the viewport (again an older version), sadly the code here is quite messy.

If you could be interested in joining or even just to steer my coding effort in the proper direction, please pm me. Any help will be most appreciated!

- Alan

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