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how to use bones


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1) You have a "skin" modifier and modifier "physic". only "Skin" is supported. You can therefore remove the physic modifier.

2) Select a bones and go to "movement" (small tab) 

3) then select the character mode in order to then adjust the bones in the mesh.

4) Then your skin modifier, you do not add the structure to the skin. When select you the mesh, you need to add the biped structure in the skin modifier property then edit envelopes eventuelement so that any mesh is deformable.
Sorry if my English is not corect
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This is not the same model you have me send, but what I see is that it is a physical modifier that is use. This is not supported by babylon. It is necessary that you use a modifier 'skin'.


which mean that all the animations will be lost, because you have to redo it with the new modifier.


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Yes you can adjust the number of influence a 4 instead of 20.

for this: select the mesh, and then in the "setting advanced" you will find: "limit of allocation structure" which is a 20 by default. turn 4 and this should work.

My 3ds max is in french, I don't know if it's name like that in English. so here in image:


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Hi jiweigang1


I took dad72's comments and made changes to my own model, and it now imports into Babylon. I also added some code to delete the bones, so I now just see the model.


​Unfortunately I have another very unusual issue with my model now it's imported. The animation still doesn't play properly at all. 

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