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Pixi.js and Filters?


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Hello there, everyone. I am a hobbyist game developer and earlier today I stumbled upon Pixi.js.

It looks astonishing and the performance seems amazing. And as I am wanting to create a (simple) bullet-hell shooter, this is very important.


Anyway, to my question:


In the 'storm brewing' update, it was said that one of the new features was Filter support for Pixi.js . I would love to use some kind of 'glow' effect for most of my enemies, bullets and power-ups. However, I am having trouble finding anything about filters in the Pixi documentation. I also tried browsing the source to no avail. So:


-Is there filter support right now? IF so, how do we use it?

-How hard is it to accomplish aforementioned 'glow' effect?

I have seen (This amazing example ) of one possible way to accomplish something like this in WebGL. When creating Filters, do we have to write this in the shader language?(To which I am completely new, unfortunately...)

Or is there another, much easier way to accomplish this effect?



I am confused and slightly intimidated by the obscene obscureness of the WebGL Shaders. I hope someone can help me out.


Thank you,



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Filters are not completely finished yet, though they are on the roadmap. However, I can tell you that when they are completed you will not have to write shaders for it. The biggest limiting factor right now is to get the canvas and webgl working the same way, and that means a lot of work on canvas for things that may be simple for WebGL (and vise versa).


Filters and post-processing effects should be coming soon, keep an eye out for them.

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