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Help with turn-based game

El Damo

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Hi everyone, im new in this forum, i was looking for some tutorial or knowleage about creating turn-based games, im new in this paradigma; i work with C#, and javascript for a long time now. I have created a few games, but i need to add the turn based asynchronic part to them.


If you have some ebooks, or internet tutorial about how to create from 0 a turn-based game, it will be very usefull for me. I would like to make a clone of trivia crack with diferent options.



Thank you!



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The most probable thing is that you turn base game won't be pure turn based. I meant that there should be sounds and music running and even animations playing.

That means that your game have 2 parts, the one that updates it current state regardless of whose turn it is and the one that what for the player.


The first part is like a normal game, with a game loop. That part you should know how to make.


What it's generally done for the turn based is events. You wait for a specific event (like a click in done) and then inside that function is where most of the code regarding of the turns resides.


Think in a Tic-Tac-Toe.

Your normal game loop run animations, sounds, maybe a score or time.

And when a user clicks, you do things that you would do normally in a game: check if the place is empty, then create a thing in there and lastly check if someone win.

It's exactly like a normal game, you check collisions and allow to move in a place or not, you spam things in the map and check if the player dies or finish the map.

The only difference is that a lot of things, instead of doing it inside a game loop, you do them in the event that represent the interaction of the user (clicking in a unit, click in a position to move the unit to, ending the turn, etc...).


It's not that different from the player controls or a menu.


Good Luck with your game!

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